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This is a tribute to more than one Goblin King.
This is one of my original fantasy ballads.
Here I bring the story of Shakespeare's Hamlet to the broadside tradition by writing alternate lyrics to modern melody, which was actually written by a knight.
This is an amusing song that I wrote one morning while driving to a medieval fair where there were mermaids.

This is my version of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.

Here's a little Paul Simon to round out the list. (I know, the sound balance could be better.)

My "On the Woad (again)" CD and "Broadsides of a Village Idiot Savant" book contain some of my various faire materials. The recorded music is mostly remixes and additional music layered over old live recordings. The book is a compilation of many of my personal broadsides and some music and songs I have written with faires in mind.