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Here's a song about Martin Luther with words by Robert Gebel.

This video is from the Last Huzzah at the 2015 Medieval Fair of Norman.

While the authorship of Greensleeves is debatable, this song was actually written by Henry VIII.

These are lyrics from an old broadside commemorating the Spanish Armada of 1588. The melody is mine, and the intro is based roughly on the opening of Man of La Mancha.

This is a Shakespearian song from As You Like It. While the words are from the bard, the music is mine.

My Shakespeare CD and book are my recordings of some music inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. Some of these are from the those works in the broadside tradition from which Shakespeare borrowed, and other parts are songs within his plays to which I have written my own music.

"On the Woad (again)" is more of a faire oriented play list with multitracked, live recordings. It's a playful collection, and by the end of the CD It gets a little goofy.